Wonders and Dreams

Blogging, I’ve been told, is an albatross.  Yet I am here, intentionally creating this space, this blog, to catch ahold to tendrils of things that have been spinning in spirals—in fractals—in moments.  Like a breath, these thoughts have been escaping deeper, slower thought.  These ideas need space to bloom.  Young trees will not grow without seeds, nor will they grow without space to put down roots. Thoughts and ideas need space to spin and … wonder.

I wonder what will breathe out, or in the words of trees, what will transpire – I dream it will be fruitful, “filled with the breathings of my heart.” (Wordsworth, 1812)

Nothing here is my own; everything I’ve wondered and have convinced myself I “know” is directly linked to the wisdom or intuition of someone before me.  I hold that in great reverence, with great dreams of wisps to come.

I value teaching, collaborating, living with integrity and grit. Many times I confess acting too heavy on the grit. Perhaps this space is a form of mea culpa. It is my sincere hope that you will catch a tendril of wonder that will lead you to a dream too.